What do we do?

Websites and good design shouldn’t cost you the earth.

Gone are the days when sites were built from scratch using age old code which was set in stone once implemented.

We believe that your site is YOUR site and it should be accessible at all times so you can update it as your business grows.

What we do at Woocube means that whilst we spend lots of time and effort in creating your perfect online presence; we’ll also build you something that you can add to, that’s easy to adapt and can be customised in future.

In addition to site design, we’ll assist or create your online branding. Logos, colour schemes, style and essence. It’s part of you.

Need flyers, business cards and promotional material to go with your site? We can do that to; partnering with some fantastic printing companies offering the latest in new print techniques.

Of course, having a shiny website and a lovely poster is wonderful, but if no-one can see it then it’s a waste of time. That’s where our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services come in.

We’re not promising to get you to the top of Google. We’re promising to get you noticed, with the right people, in the right


If you’re a new business, an established business and/or in need a revamp, or are just looking for help and advice, give us a call or get in touch and hopefully we’ll help get you moving.


SEO that actually works

On site page optimisation, keyword research, content writing, PPC projects, advanced listings, social networking, adverts and analytics


Fresh design and creative thinking

Web, Print and Advertising. From basic business cards to extensive online campaigns, we have the knowledge and software to create meaningful long lasting impressions.



Businesses online and ready
since Jan 2015 

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Item No. 01


Do you know what the competition are doing? Before we do anything, let’s sit down and look at the big dudes in the Industry and see what they’re doing right (and find the holes that you can fill)

Item No. 02

Listen and Prepare

A clear and honest design brief is the best way we can ensure a smooth development process. We’ll listen, discuss and talk through the beginning of the site to completion, offering insight and consultancy on your ideas. We’ll roadmap your site together

Item No. 03

Smart Design

This stage, the shiny good stuff, is the thing you want to see. Using modern photography, contemporary styles and colour schemes plus the latest themes and imagery, we’ll work with you to get the look you want on each and every page.

Item No. 04

Develop and Test

It might look good but does it work? How will your customers use the site and how will they find you? These are vital questions asked and worked on throughout everything we do. After that, we test it until it explodes.